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Hello followers! I really want to be more involved with all my followers and so I’d like to do a movie night every other night with you guys!
Heres how it works:
I’ll pick one of my favorite movies for us to watch (or if someone else suggests a good one.) I’ll throw in a few of the movies sampled on the Other People’s Heartache mix tapes as well!
I’ll post a link to watch it online for free and I’ll let everyone know when to start watching. (If you can’t make it to the party in time you can still watch it on your own of course.)
Give a review or start a discussion about what you liked or what you hated. Reblog (or make) some gifs of your favorite scenes. Tag your posts as #stormermovienight 
Who’s in?!

We’ll start this tomorrow! What time is good for everyone?


real talk though, how many pairs of black jeans does dan smith own

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Anonymous: That picture of actual baby dan and Minnie and Mickey Mouse is the reason I cry at night. IVE NEVER SEEN A CUTER BABY AND HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME






dan smith (crying noises)


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TYDE is fucking amazing

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Bastille was built off of lies, misunderstandings, and drunk invitations

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Can we talk about how all of Kyle’s instagram photos are of Will?

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dan smith talking passionately about dan smith
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Are we going to ignore the fact that one of Will’s presents is sat there in a justin bieber bag?


literally cannot believe its been a whole year and I’m still listening to the same album on repeat

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Imagine Dan and Kyle after a session of Pilates and yoga

imagine them during a pilates and yoga session though

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just look at will. wow.